Soviet Space Image Catalog

The history of Soviet planetary and Lunar probes has been neglected in the West, and the pictures returned from these missions are difficult to find. This catalog brings together most of the available images from the Moon, Mars and Venus. Click on a lefthand image to enter a specific catalog page:

Lunar Image Catalog

Luna-3 Image of Far Side of the Moon
Luna-31959First photos of Lunar far side
Zond-31965Second photos of Lunar far side
Luna-91966First landing and surface panoramas
Luna-121966Photo orbiter
Luna-131966Landing and surface panoramas
Zond-61968Lunar Flyby and Earth Return
Zond-71969Lunar Flyby and Earth Return
Zond-81970Lunar Flyby and Earth Return
Luna-171970Lunokhod-1 rover
Luna-201972Sample return, surface panoramas
Luna-211973Lunokhod-2 rover
Luna-221974Lunar heavy orbiter

Martian Image Catalog

Image from Mars-5 Orbiter
Mars-31971Photo orbiter, First landing
Mars-41973Photo flyby
Mars-51973Photo orbiter
Fobos-21988Photo orbiter

Venusian Image Catalog

Image from Venera-13 Lander
Venera-91975Photo orbiter, First surface pictures
Venera-101975Surface panoramas
Venera-131982First color panoramas
Venera-141982Color panoramas
Venera-151983Synthetic Aperture Radar Mapping
Venera-161983Synthetic Aperture Radar Mapping
Vega-11984Venus, Halley's Comet
Vega-21984Venus, Halley's Comet

Terrestrial Image Catalog

Almaz synthetic aperture radar image of a volcano in Japan
Zenit1962First surveillance satellites
Meteor1966Weather satellites
Resurs-F1979Film-return resource satellites
Yantar1981Film-return resource satellites
Okean1986Image/Radar resource satellites
Almaz-T1987Synthetic Aperture Radar
Resurs-O1988Scanning resource satellites
Orlets1989Film-return resource satellites

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