About Copyright

My website is honest-to-god copyrighted, not just implicitly, but a paper copy of it is registered. I did that mostly to establish when and what I wrote. A big effort went into researching the contents of this site -- studying Russian books and papers, befriending and interviewing Russian scientists, digging for rare photographs, etc. I hope that if this website is useful to authors that they will do me the courtesy of citing it like any other publication.

With regard to pictures, I have created several images by processing original spacecraft data. Months of my time was spent on these projects, writing custom C++ code in many cases. This includes images from the Venera-9 and Venera-10 landers, the Venera-9 orbiter, the Mars-5 orbiter, the Venera-13 and 14 landers, and the Venera 15 and 16 orbiters. Those pictures are owned and copyrighted by me. I require permission for their publication by others, which I generally grant without any fee. I reserve the right to refuse (if the publication is some kind of embarassing pseudo-science) or to charge a fee (for example, if the "publication" is just a poster of one of my images). If you are writing an article or a scientific book, please just ask and I would be honored to give you free permission to use this work.

Other images on this site are not owned by me, and I cannot and do not give permission for their use. In many cases, pictures of people and instruments have been sent to me by scientists or their relatives and friends, for use on my website. I cannot grant others permission to use these images. If you do use them, I do not indemnify you in any way. If you are sued by the copyright holders of those images, I can't help you or take any responsibility.

Generally, publishers require authors to license photographs and prove that they have permission to use them. Usually pictures appear with some citation under them, telling who the owner or photographer is. Not all publishing companies are careful about this, so sadly there is nothing to stop someone from republishing the research and photographs of my website as their own work.

A special thanks to my intellectual property attorney, Richard R. Alaniz, at Black Lowe & Graham PLLC, in Seattle Washington.

Copyright © 2003,2004 Don P. Mitchell. All rights reserved.