Bridge (#80)

(an instance of Generic Post-Apocalypse Room made by Calkins)

     Midway across the bridge, a few abandoned cars and trucks litter the otherwise empty lanes. It's raining, and a gust of strong wind blows through the girders, parting your hair. Beyond, the burning city squats on glittering inverted reflections of its fires. You sniff the air to catch a scent of burning. To the east is the city, a place of inner discordances and retinal distortions.

[Citation: Dhalgren, p 12.]

      Beyond the bridge's pavement, you see the western bank of the river. [ west ] River bank. You walk west, off the deserted bridge.
      Bellona appears closer now. You can see the windows of its buildings; many are broken. [ east ] Waterfront. You walk east into the wounded city.
      [ jump ] The River. You jump off the side of the bridge and plummet into the river. Splash!
      You look over the railing at the river, far below. You notice a rusty ladder extending down the side of the pier. [ down ] Bridge Pier. You clamber over the railing and start down the ladder. It is long and you have to rest several times before reaching the bottom.
      [ taxi ] Taxi.