Calkins (#150)

(an instance of Generic Scorpion Player Class made by Calkins)

     A wealthy and rather reclusive resident of Bellona. A major property owner who has remained in Bellona, often holed up in his mansion on Brisbain Avenue.

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Calkins owns Calkins Bridge bridge west Waterfront east west Stone Lions Nutmeg Orchard east west nutmeg fruit Generic Edible Object Generic Post-Apocalypse Room The River jump Bridge Pier north jump up down Narrow Alley east west Generic Scorpion Player Class Generic Light Shield Broadway north south Jackson & Broadway north south Brisbain & Broadway north south Drive Way northwest southeast Entrance Hall north south Clearing In The Park east west Lobby Of Office Building west east up elevator east west Generic Automaton Generic Urban Streen Scene the monkey Loading Porch north south south north Room 222 Garden west east Terrace north south Stone Building east west Park Public Restrooms north south Dining Room east west west east teawagon Generic Secured Post-Apocalypse Room silverware smorgasbord wooden box caviar uni maki escargot foie gras venison sag paneer turtle soup osso buco coq au vin stray dog Postmodern Laboratory Room 333 The Entrance Hall The Living Room south north Red Hat Cave Entrance sign Crystal Cave west east west east River bank Caveman sign Underground Pool up down sign Underground Maelstrom north south sign Stalactite Chamber north back sign Blue Hat Green Hat sign2 Chamber of Petroglyphs east west sign2 woad yellow ocher red ocher sign Tourist Center chant back east sign sign2 southeast north Landing up down north south map sign2 sign2 sign3 Interzone Plaza Generic Message Room 444 Gaming Tables east west WhoIsWho map Museum east west Slot Machine statue Steamer Trunk Generic Room with Stacking block pyramid table ball a bench thing600 Interzone University north south Interzone: Port Of Saints south north Bellona: Bus Depot east west east west ticket Ape Island north War on Drugs east Television Evangelist south west I. The Magus northwest II. The Door Of The Occult Sanctuary north III. Isis-Urania north IV. The Cubic Stone north V. The Master Of The Aracana north VI. The Two Roads north VII. The Chariot of Osiris north VIII. Themis north IX. The Veiled Lamp north X. The Sphinx north XI. The Tamed Lion north XII. The Sacrifice north XIII. The Scythe north XIV. The Solar Spirit north XV. Typhon north XVI. The Lightning-Struck Tower north XVII. The Star Of The Magi north XVIII. Twilight north XIX. The Blazing Light north XX. The Awakening Of The Dead north O. The Crocodile north XXI. The Crown Of The Magi north north Strays Jeremy Generic Interzone Boy The Rave southwest northeast south north Back Alley east west north south Taxi Destination sign rave cave dew bus river Taxi Exit Taxi Entrance taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi taxi legs suitcase lions Trevor Generic Auditorium microphone Bellona Auditorium northwest southeast microphone theater Object999 Dhalgren_utils Archean Island northeast Cambrian Shore next The Late-Permian Event next Late Cretaceous next next carnival Trash Bin trash PostModern Player Class South Broadway Desolate Shore east west here east Sunken Islandia boat west down climb beach


"Copied from Mayor (#2):@citizens Wed Jan 26 22:07:57 1994 EST";
p = players();
n = {};
for i in (p)
    n = listinsert(n,;

if (player != this)
    lp = length(;
    a = args[1];
    if ((length(a) < lp) || (a[1..lp] !=
        pass("[",, "]");