Cave Entrance (#343)

(an instance of Generic Post-Apocalypse Room made by Calkins)

     Daylight seems to cast shadowy impressions of real life onto the high limestone walls. To the east is a wide archway leading out, and to the west is a narrow passage leading further into the cave.
     Type "read sign" to get started. The two signs here are about navigating through virtual reality.
     An annoyed Neanderthal comes out of the cave and deposits a Cave Entrance here. He grunts and returns into the depths of the cave.

You see sign, sign2, Blue Hat, Red Hat and Green Hat here.

      You see a dark narrow-looking tunnel leading deep into the cave. [ west ] Crystal Cave. You venture into the passageway, glad you have a head lamp now!
      [ east ] River bank. You emerge from the cave.