Taxi (#687)

(an instance of Generic Post-Apocalypse Room made by Calkins)

     The leather seats are ripped and decorated with tell-tale stains. The driver doesn't even bother to turn around, but simply waits for you to pick a destination. A tattered sign lists some of Dhalgren's highlights:
     The Rave (rave) - A gathering place to meet people and talk
     Tutorial Cave (cave) - Learn about MUDing and Dhalgren
     D.E.W. Drop Inn (dew) - The hip night spot in town
     Bus depot (bus) - Gateway to Interzone!
     River bank (river) - Need to get out of town?
     Stone Lions (lions) - Park entrance, halfway up Broadway
     O.o.f.Theater (theater) - Take in a play at Bellona's theater.
     Carnival - Dying Moon Carnival (haunted!)
     home - You can always go home!
     beach - The mysterious eastern shore.

      [ rave ] The Rave.
      [ cave ] Cave Entrance.
      [ dew ] Outside the D.E.W Drop Inn.
      [ bus ] Bellona: Bus Depot.
      [ river ] River bank.
      [ lions ] Stone Lions.
      [ theater ] Broadway.
      [ carnival ] Dying Moon Carnival.
      [ beach ] Desolate Shore.