BBC - My favorite source of world news.
WAVE Report - Covering next generation computing.
ZDNet Windows - PC news and reviews.
The Onion - Not exactly the news.
US Naval Observatory - What time is it...exactly?
Internet Status - The status of the internet backbones.


IMDb - Internet movie database.
CIA World Factbook - I could tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you.
NEC Citeseer - Excellent index of on-line journal papers.
Linda Hall Library - The world's foremost library of science.
World Lingo - On-line Language Translation.

Cool People:

John Amamatides - Graphics researcher, co-author at Bell Labs.
Michael Cohen - Graphics researcher, co-author at Microsoft.
Perry R. Cook - Audio researcher.
Don Davis - Space artist, Amazing photo collection.
David Dobkin - Advisor and co-author at Princeton.
Andrew Glassner - Graphics researcher, author, movie maker.
Paul Haeberli - GRAPHICA Obscura.
Pat Hanrahan - Graphics researcher, advisor and co-author at Princeton.
David Hanson - Compiler expert, excellent programmer.
John Hart - Graphics researcher.
Paul Heckbert - Graphics researcher.
Michael Herf - Graphics entrepreneur.
John Hughes - Graphics researcher at Brown University.
Henrik Wann Jensen - Graphics researcher, inventor of photon maps.
Vladimir G. Kurt - Russian scientist who helped with my Venus research.
J.P. Lewis - Graphics researcher.
George R. R. Martin - One of my favorite authors.
Doug McIlroy - One of the smartest people I knew at Bell Labs.
Casey Muratori - Game developer.
Ken Musgrave - Graphics researcher, artist.
Damian Peach - Talented amateur astronomer.
Ken Perlin - Graphics researcher, inventor of procedural solid texture.
Matt Pharr - Graphics researcher.
Peter Schröder - Graphics researcher, wavelets, radiosity, geometry.
Doug Sharp - Game designer, author, inventor.
Steve Shaviro - Literary theory professor at UW.
Jonathan Shewchuk - Practical computational geometry.
Peter Shirley - Graphics researcher, ray tracing, sampling, illumination.
Zack Simpson - Game developer.
Peter-Pike Sloan - Graphics researcher, real-time rendering.
Alvy Ray Smith - Graphics researcher, a founder of Pixar.
Jorge Stolfi - Practical geometry.
Seth Teller - Graphics researcher at MIT.
Jack Tumblin - Graphics researcher, high-contrast imaging.
Dr. Who - Renegade time lord.
Stephen Wolfram - Physicist, entrepreneur.

Computer Games:

Amit Patel - Great student website about games.
Everquest - The first big success with VR since muds.
Flipcode - Discussion and code for games.
GDC - Game Developers Confernce.
GDAlgorithms - Online discussion forum on game technology.
Id Software - John Carmack's company, makers of DOOM and Quake.
MUD-Dev - Discussion group on MUD technology.
Rad Gametools - Tools for game developers.
Tooned In - Animation and game company started by cool friends.
Turbine - Creators of Ashron's Call 2, an even better VR game.
Valve - Creators of Half-Life and Steam.
World of Warcraft - The current best virtual reality game.


ABBYY Software - Multi-lingual OCR software.
ACDSee - Image viewer and editor (use the old version 3.1).
Adobe - Acrobat, Photoshop.
ClearType - Activate and Tune Cleartype settings (for XP).
Clockwise - Syncronize PC clock with USNO atomic standard.
Diskeeper - Advanced version of Windows' defragmentation utility.
Macromedia - Flash, Dreamweaver.
MathType - Advanced equation typesetting for Word and web pages.
Nero - CD burning software.
Netlib - Repository of numerical software.
NuMega - Bounds Checker debugging and development tool.
Perforce - Serious software management tools.
PowerDVD - My favorite DVD player, good at saving frames.
SysTran - Language translation, interfaces with MS Word.
VanDyke - Good telnet and ftp utilities.
Visual Studio - Microsoft's development environment.
Direct X - 3D graphics API.
MSDN - Documentation, development kits, etc.
Windows Update - Keep up with changes.
Window XP x64 - I'm running 64-bit windows now.


Computational Geometry - Software and info on computational geometry.
Electrostatic Machines - I'm not the only one into Wimshurst machines.
Planetary Photojournal - Access to planetary images.
Periodic Table - Theodore Gray's collection of the elements.


Planetary Geosciences - James Head's group at Brown University.
NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center.
Visible Earth - The best map of the earth.
PDS Imaging Node - Images from space missions.
PDS Geophysics Node - Laser and Radar altimetric data.
PDS Planetary Atmospheres
NAIF - Navigation and ephemeris.
USGS Astrogeology - US Geological Survey, space research, maps.
(I'll try to keep these current, but NASA is notorious for breaking links)

Some Good Movies You Might Not Know:

Cowboy Bebop - The best of Japanese animation.
Dark City - Science Fiction Film Noir.
The Devil's Backbone - A Great Spanish Ghost Story.
Gormenghast - The other fantasy trilogy.
The Manchurian Candidate - Chilling suspense, an evil Angela Lansbury.
The Ninth Gate - Polanski's well-crafted horror film.
Pitch Black - Stylish Australian science fiction.
Titus - Julie Taymor's brilliant production of Shakespeare.
Ultraviolet - The best vampire story yet made.
The Wild Bunch - One of the greatest American films.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Superb writing, cinematography and acting.

A Few Science Fiction Recomendations:

Clay's Ark - Octavia Butler: A disease is brought back from space.
Dhalgren - Samuel Delany: An unnamed disaster pushes a city out of reality.
Sandman - Neil Gaiman: Comic books can be high art.
Vurt - Jeff Noon: Creative trippy writing.
War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells: Descriptive and intense action.
Weaveworld - Clive Barker: A universe in an old carpet.

Some Non-Fiction Recomendations:

Dynamics: Geometry of Behavior - A mind-expanding journey.
Evolutionary Psychology - Fascinating but culturally biased science.
Feynman Lectures on Physics - Vivid, intuitive introduction.
Foundations of Physics - Lindsay & Margenau: Concise, serious introduction.
The Gallic War - Julius Caesar was a dangerous man.
Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics - Jammer: Look Deep into Quantum Theory.
The True Believers - Hoffer: Mass movements are the bane of humanity!

Online Commerce:

Advanced Book Exchange - Used books.
Ars Machina - Antique scientific apparatus.
BritsFood - My source for PG Tips tea.
Marrich Survival Provisions - Meals Ready to Eat (MRE).
Morion Synthetic Gems - Giant hydrothermal crystals.
Skulls Unlimited - Source of the Deinonychus skull on my mantelpiece.


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