Nikola Tesla

Tesla has been praised as a genius by some scientists and denounced as a fraud by others. I trust the judgement of distinguished men who knew Tesla, granting him friendships and professional awards. Below are links to a report I wrote in 1972: Nikola Tesla's Investigation of High Frequency Phenomena and Radio Communication.

Tesla In New York

Part I: The New York Lab

In 1887, Tesla began experimenting with very high frequency alternating current, and eventually developed the so-called Tesla Coil. This was a radio-frequency transformer consisting of a spark discharge oscillator and a tuned secondary coil.

Tesla In Colorado Springs

Part II: Tesla In Colorado Springs

In 1899, Tesla built a 200,000 watt coil in Colorado Springs. Capable of generating arcs of up to 135 feet, he claimed it was tuned to a harmonic of the earth's resonant frequency and had established electrical standing waves on the globe.

The Shoreham Transmitter

Part III: The Shoreham Transmitter

In 1900, Tesla began the construction of an incredible 200 foot coil with a dedicated powerplant.

Tesla's vision was far ahead of its time, including the concept of one-to-many broadcasting, radio navigation signals, encrypted communication, a broadcast time standard, and wireless image transmission.


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